Refiners Firearms is your Full-Service NFA Class III FFL Dealer. We can help you with all your firearms needs including:

Refiners Firearms specializes in creating unique, one-of-a-kind firearms that are uniquely yours. Here are some pictures of some of the guns we have customized for our clients. Please give us a CALL and we’ll help you turn your idea into reality!
  • Cerakote Firearms Finishing
  • Color Case Hardening
  • Custom Hand Engraving
  • Deluxe Hi-Polish Finishing
  • Hard Chrome Finishing
  • Gold Inlay
  • MP3 Finishing
  • Nickel Finishing
  • Re-Bluing
  • Rust Removal
  • Stock Refinishing
Refiners Firearms offers full service gunsmithing…from building a truly custom rifle, shotgun, or pistol…to fixing and refinishing your family heirlooms. Here’s a partial list of some of the gunsmithing services we offer.
  • Action / Trigger Jobs
  • Barrel Porting
  • Barrel Threading
  • Custom Rifle, Shotgun & Pistol Builds
  • Detail strip and clean
  • Firearms Safety Check
  • Hand Fit competition and threaded barrels
  • Muzzle break installation including clock and time
  • Sight Installation (rifle, pistol, shotgun)
  • Stock Refinishing

Please CALL to discuss what your firearm needs; we look forward to helping you!

Many people do not like to clean their firearms after shooting. No Problem! Let us do it for you!! We offer over-night turn around on our Field Strip / Clean & Lube service.

For guns needing more “love” we also offer detail strip and clean services…rifles, shotguns and pistols.

Please CALL to discuss what your firearm needs; we look forward to helping you!
Refiners Firearms trains and equips men and Women for personal and home defense! Our training will help you build Confidence, Competence, and Proficiency so you are better prepared to defend yourself and those you love.

Please click HERE for more training information.
If you find an awesome deal on the internet we’d be happy to help you with your firearms transfer. We offer firearms Transfer In and Transfer Out services.
Please give us a  CALL and we’ll take care of the details.
Refiners Firearms is a Full Service NFA dealer. We do all the heavy lifting and handle all the paperwork for you. If your building your own SBR or Silencer we would love to help you with your NFA Form 1 paperwork. We also offer an amazing line up of Silencers, Short Barrel Rifles and Shotguns…and we handle all the NFA Form 4 paperwork INCLUDED in our price. Our NFA processing services include:
  • Fingerprinting
  • Passport Photos
  • All mailing for CLEO Notification
  • All ATF mailing
  • Custom Engraving Receivers & Suppressors
Please give us a  CALL and we’ll take care of the details.
Refiners Firearms can help you select the perfect optic for your firearm, and we’ll also help you mount and sight it in at the range.

Please give us a  CALL to discuss details and pricing.
We have strong relationship with firearms manufacturers and distributors which allows us to get those specialty and hard-to-find firearms. Our pricing is also very competitive!


Please give us a  CALL and we’ll special order that special firearm for you…and effectively communicate with you throughout the process!