Thank you for choosing Refiners Firearms llc. We appreciate your business. You are our valued Customer. Customer agrees to the following terms of service:

  1. All sales are final.  There are no returns, no refunds, no exchanges on firearms nor ammunition.
  2. All warranty work will be Customer direct with item manufacturer; and per manufacturer’s terms and conditions.  Customer shall pay all incidental costs associated with warranty service including shipping.
  3. Customer agrees and certifies they are happy and satisfied with their purchase.
  4. Customer, their heirs, and assigns agree to indemnify and hold Refiners Firearms llc harmless from any and all claims arising or resulting from Customer’s purchase.
  5. Customer certifies they are NOT a prohibited possessor as defined by federal and local law.
  6. Customer certifies at the time of purchase they are 18 years old or older to purchase rifles, shotguns, and ammunition for rifles and shotguns.
  7. Customer certifies at the time of purchase they are 21 years old or older to purchase pistols, receivers, NFA firearms, and ammunition for pistols, receivers, and NFA firearms.
  8. Customer agrees to comply with all local and federal laws associated with the item(s) purchased.
  9. Arizona Residents may pick up firearm purchases and complete the transfer paperwork and background check in our shop.
  10. Refiners Firearms llc will ship firearms to your local Federal Firearms Licensee who must be in good standing with the ATF.  Customer will complete the transfer and background check process with their local ffl. Customer will pay all applicable shipping fees and taxes.
  11. Refiners Firearms llc will ship items purchased by Customer typically within 2 to 3 business days AFTER receipt of Customer’s ffl contact information and valid ATF license; and after payment clears our bank.
  12. Pistols will ship air (2 to 3 business days shipping transit time); all other items will ship standard ground (5 to 10 business days shipping transit time).Shipping transit times may vary. We will only ship within the USA.
  13. Customer may elect to pay Optional Shipping Insurance which is charged at 2% of insured value.Customer agrees to comply and accept shipper’s policies, terms, and conditions regarding any shipping insurance purchased by Customer.
  14. Customer agrees to provide their personal information required to complete their purchase transaction.
  15. Refiners Firearms llc shall utilize Customer’s personal information as required to fulfill Customer’s purchase and as required by local and federal law.
  16. Customer agrees to receive periodic solicitation from Refiners Firearms llc. regarding services and products offered.
  17. Refiners Firearms llc reserves the right to cancel any purchase transaction at their sole discretion.