Caesar Guerini Magnus Compact Sporting 12ga 30in Monte Carlo Stock

Fine shotguns have always been the synthesis of art and function. Over the last 100 years some of the most iconic craftsmen have spent hundreds of hours hand sculpting steel, perfecting mechanical excellence and turning rare pieces of walnut into perfectly checkered stocks. Master engravers dedicate weeks of labor to turn polished metal surfaces of a shotgun into masterworks of art. The end result is the highest form of artistry and craftsmanship in firearm manufacturing. As wonderful and fascinating as these firearms are, they are little more than an unapproachable luxury item that is out of reach for the average shooter.

The Magnus Sporting Compact has all of the same features as our Magnus Sporting model, with the added benefit to shooters who require a shorter 13.9″ (adjustable) length of pull and a Monte Carlo stock.  Both the Caesar Guerini Magnus and Compact Sporting shotguns features tasteful engraving with gold accents, Hand polished coin finish with Invisalloy™ protective finish, and 5" DuoCon Forcing Cones.  The model in stock has 30in barrels and the Monte Carlo Stock!  


Premium Walnut with hand rubbed oil finish


7lbs. 15oz.

6 MAXIS competition chokes

5" DuoCon

30 inch

Magnus Compact 12g 30" Barrels $6,875

Please contact us at (623) 687-7048 for purchasing options.